Hi, I'm Jeremy, you can call me Jez

A freelance designer and front-end developer based in Manchester. Building beautiful, usable designs for clever businesses like yours.

My Story

Since graduating in computer science six years ago, I've found my love in the creative side of the web. Whether I'm working on websites for bars, festivals or clever startups, my attention is focused on building sites that users love and (ultimately) make you more money.

If you're looking for a designer or developer, with a track record of success, drop me a line - it'd be great to chat more.


Some recent companies I've worked for and friends I've made. For references from each of these you can visit my LinkedIn or Behance for more detailed project breakdowns.

A design and development project for great local form analytics start up
I worked along side a great team for a large ecommerce client using Magento and backbone.
Hiring Hub
A great local start up for which I was able to redesign and build their new site
Steven Muldoon
A full rebrand and design for Steven Muldoon's custom tailor ecommerce site
169 Destinations
A travel start up project I helped out on re-designing.
A ticketing company where I developed a WP platform to build client sites.